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>> larry: tonight -- the one and only barbara walters is here for her 20th and final visit to this show. she'll tell us how she bounced back from heart surgery, never missing a beat. and how she stayed at the top of the broadcast news business for five decades. tv icon barbara walters for the hour is next on "larry king live."
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>> larry: good evening. barbara walters, if i have to tell you this, you're on another planet is the emmy-winning producer of "the view." she hosts "here's barbara" on sirius radio. >> and i do specials. i have hour specials for abc. >> larry: i thought you were dropping that? >> no, i didn't drop that. >> larry: you just dropped the academy award thing? >> yeah. and we're doing two other big specials. i just want to say, when you say
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it's the last time i'm going to be on with you. we've had good times. you've been on 25 years? >> larry: 25.5. >> why did i miss those five years? >> larry: we were nothing then. you came on when we were a hit. you had open heart surgery, that's a misnomer, it's open chest? >> yes. >> larry: you had a valve replacement? >> replacement. >> larry: how did you know something was wrong? >> i didn't really. one of the things, without going through every detail. one of the things i hope by doing this special i talked about. women have different symptoms than men. >> larry: i know they have a lot of heart disease. >> they don't get treat in the same way. >> larry: i know. go home with chest pain. >> women talk about pain in the arm. women have other things.
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women have fatigue. women have sweats. i had almost no symptoms. you know, i'd gone to the doctor and had an echo cardiogram. he said you've got a valve that's smaller. i had no symptoms. there's a fountain in central park called the bethesda fountain and i walk to work almost every day with two people i'm very close to. >> larry: they're both here. >> they're both here. when i climb to the fountain, i'm out of breath but so were they. one day, i said to them, i feel a little pressure in my chest, do you? and they said, no. then i went to the doctor. and he said, you know, that's a sign. and just to make this story short, i wanted -- i was thinking of doing it in the summer. they tell you not to go in the hospital in july because that's when the residents change. "grey's anatomy" it isn't. i was going to go in in august. and then when i had such a big may, i was either giving an
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award or presenting something. and i said to my cardiologist, you know, could i wait until the end of may for this because it didn't seem to look good. and he said, you can wait, but there's a small risk that you could drop dead. i said -- >> larry: let's do it tomorrow. >> exactly. i told no one until i announced it on the air. >> larry: your first show back to work, you wanted david letterman to be your guest. you swapped heart stories. let's take a look. >> let's talk the difference between yours and mine. yours were arteries. >> i had coronary artery disease, you just blew a valve. you could have gone to tuneup masters. >> yours were that your arteries were blocked? >> that's right. >> mine was one of the four valves was closing. and i have a pig valve in mine. you don't have any pig valve in yours.
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i have a pig valve. >> i have other pig parts on me, though. >> actually, i have a cow valve. >> larry: you told me this. i never heard of a cow valve. >> no, they exist. 134 you said pig valve there. >> i made a mistake. it affected my brain. >> larry: letterman and i have the same doctor. >> and you had the same -- >> larry: same surgery. he had quintuple, and i had quintuple. they didn't cut open your chest? >> yes. it sounds so awful. i didn't really have a terrible time. you're supposed to get depressed. i didn't. i wasn't in pain. >> larry: were you a good operator? >> yeah. but, i mean, i guess i was in good shape. and the time that i first came back on the show because i was going it take the summer off was when president obama came on the show in late july.
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i thought, i can't miss this. >> larry: not you, barbara. barbara showed her "view" audience her scar. let's take a look. >> if you want to see my scar, you are looking at it. >> what do you mean? >> my scar starts here. >> i don't see it. do you have make-up on it? >> i have a little bit, but -- >> i can barely see it. you do not see it. >> it's fantastic. >> larry: it's a great piece of work, that surgery. i have a very thin line, too. some people have it, you can really see the scar. >> can we discuss something else. i hate people who sit there and say, let me tell you about my operation. let me tell you about my operation. >> larry: the main thing is, you're healthy now? >> i feel great. it's over with. i don't have to think about it, pig or cow or whatever. i can just sit back and enjoy
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it. >> larry: one other thing on facebook, we have a facebook question. you're on facebook, right? >> no, i'm not on facebook. >> larry: i'm on it, but i don't know what to do with it. cnn has me on it. star jones had heart surgery earlier this year, did you ever compare notes? >> no. >> larry: you kicked off your 14th season earlier this month, your 1,000th episode is this thursday. did you ever think you had longevity? >> no, what happened, the network, we're on at 11:00 in most of the country, 10:00 in los angeles. the network was having a problem. 9:00 in the morning, 10:00 in the mourning they're dropping the kids off. 11:00 in the morning, they're shopping. and they said to me, they said, my producer, my specialist, do you have any ideas for a show. i said, well, i have an idea for a show which was sort of based
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on when david brinkley used to put the panel together, it still exists. he used to do it on the sunday news program. and i said, i'd like to do that different women of different generations, discussing the topics of the day. that's how the show began. it's not a very difficult format. what we have gotten right is the chemistry. i mean, there are so many shows that are going on the air that are copying us. we have been very fortunate in having the right chemistry. >> you were on with us right before it began. how did you pick that great name "the view"? >> i think we were going to call it "a view from here" or something, and it was taken. it was already taken. at the time, most of what i was doing, i was on "20/20" then, abc news' magazine every week. this was kind of on the side. and the wonderful president of abc news said i don't want you to do this. it's going to lessen your reputation. people think of you as a serious journalist.
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and you're going to do this with other women. i said, i'll do it two days a week. joy behar was supposed to take my place the other three days. she's the only one on the show after 14 years. >> larry: how many days are you on? >> now, three. >> larry: you know about these things. i have to get a break. >> i understand. >> larry: the president of iran will be our guest tomorrow night. back with barbara walters after this. we'll talk about her guest thursday night. don't go away. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪
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>> larry: tina fey is barbara walters' featured guest on "the view's" 3,000th episode this thursday morning. tina wrote some interesting parodies for "saturday night live." let's take a look. >> i'm doing lots of press. >> you know, for someone who has absolutely no experience in this experience in this industry, other than wrangling a bunch of kids into a minivan on camera, you seem very self-assured. >> thank you for saying that,
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barbara. actually, every day i practice empathically talking in front of a mirror. >> you know, the only thing i practice in front of a mirror is sucking in my back fat. [ laughter ] >> so what, who cares? >> i don't even own a mirror. the last time i looked in the mirror, i gave myself one of these. and you know what was weird? the mirror gave me one of these. >> larry: you know -- >> that's very funny. >> larry: -- when gilda radnor did you, you didn't like it at all? >> i didn't. when i first left to go to abc to become the first female anchor of a network. and she did barbara wawa. and it really bothered me being made fun of. until i walked into the little girl's room, and she said, oh,
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mommy, she's so cool. and i thought, should i laugh at myself? and after she died, i wrote a letter to her wonderful husband and said how sad i was because she died much too young. and i signed it barbara wawa. >> larry: thursday, the show, tina fey is a special guest. >> and we have a surprise guest. and we do, we sort of look back all of the years and -- well, we have somewhat different cast. but all of the different -- each one of us, perhaps what we remember the most, what was the most important. i think that the one that i chose was going back on the air after 9/11 for a program that is somewhat newsy. but also is supposed to be entertaining. that for me was a very hard time. each of the women picked their own segment. >> larry: when the news start making the news? the last several years? >> i think we made news before it. but the last couple of years
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we've become much more political. and maybe because of this particular cast, which is politically oriented, whoopi cares, elisabeth hasslebeck does. and joy, who is a flaming liberal. and once we had barack obama on in the summer, we've had, what, valerie jarrett who is the -- >> larry: the chief aide. >> one the number one assistants. we had colin powell on last week. some others. prime minister blair on with us. jimmy carter yesterday. so we can be -- you know, we can ask the tough questions, and then at the next moment, be amusing. >> larry: how long are you going to keep doing this? >> i knew he was going to ask me that. i said, i know he's going to ask me that and i have a prepared answer. >> larry: what is your prepared answer? >> here is my prepared answer.
12:16 am
i will know when the time is right to leave, as you did. >> larry: you know when the time is right. >> the program very successful. i'm in very good health. i will not be doing this forever. i myself know when the time is. right now, i feel valued and happy. >> larry: we couldn't have it any other way. >> even if that were not the prepared answer, that's what i would say. >> larry: we'll be back with barbara walters. introducing ba, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. sure, but do we speak hybrid? yes, we do. and we can say over 700 miles on a single tank and 41 mpg city, and all the words stick because they're true. we speak the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. yes, we speak hybrid, and apparently quite well.
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he did say he would do it. that's half the problem. >> it's not just him. >> he's been trying to do it. >> you don't just say do it today. it does take time to prepare. he has to talk to the military. it's happening -- it's happening -- >> i don't know. he promised, never talking. >> wait. will you say something good about the republicans? >> i will. >> no, no, no. let's just -- >> he got information from generals. >> you know, i leave the program, as all of us do, i know what whoopi goes through, i leave at the end of this day, i'm so tired, i haven't done anything. >> that was today. whoopi's been off for a few days. i was moderating. >> larry: did you ever lose it, barbara? >> no. because they do have very fear
12:20 am
fierce arguments, but we genuinely like each other. when we get into the station break, this is how you feel. this is how i feel. there isn't animosity. i was going to say how we get along and joy said, tell him we hate each other. >> larry: i've seen you argue before. at the end they go back to the room. >> yeah, and then we pick up the next subject. it's amazing. we're not afraid to argue. sometimes it gets very intense. >> larry: i know how competitive you are. >> much less than i am. are you concerned cbs is starting a show, let me get this right called "the talk." "the talk." is it going on against you? >> no, it's going on, i think in the afternoon. look, dick clark did a show that was on there.
12:21 am
there was a time when they were trying to take the third hour of "today" and make it that kind of a show. i hear there may be something on oprah's new network. look, as i said, it's not the most amazing concept to put people together. you see it as a panel every sunday. the last section of the news shows. i think what's made ours what it is, first of all, bill getty is a superb producer. >> larry: great guy. >> and then we've just been very lucky with our cast. even those with, you know -- with rosie. >> larry: that was the most troublesome time. >> well, it ended in a difficult time, i have respect for rosy. i think she's a big talent. when i asked rosy to be in the show, that wasn't a mistake. i mean she was wonderful on the show. the problem is, if i have to think about it now, she said she didn't want to drive the bus she wanted to be a passenger. she's such a big talent, she wanted to drive the bus. but, you know, we've been very courageous in the people that
12:22 am
we've picked. look at whoopi. we took a chance with whoopi. she had not done this kind of a show. she's been simply wonderful. the audience loves her. >> larry: what do you make of oprah leaving and starting a network? >> you know, this woman, i have such admiration for what she has done and how she's conducted her life. and she's been doing it for 25 years. that's a long time. you are doing it for 25 years. i did "20/20" for 25 years. there comes a point where -- "the view" for me is something different. there comes a point if begins to become, what, again, another biggest, another big get? people don't understand. and larry king got the guest. how many times did you and i, even though we're crazy about each other, try to get the guest. for oprah, she's still young enough to have a whole chapter.
12:23 am
there's no one like oprah. >> larry: president obama was the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show. watch. >> were you invited to chelsea clinton's wedding? >> i was not. i think hillary and bill properly want to keep this as a thing for chelsea and her soon to be husband. i'm letting guys know now, y'all probably will not be invited to malia's wedding or sasha's wedding. >> have boys entered the picture yet for your girls? >> thankfully, no. >> larry: do you like him? >> we also asked him very serious questions. it's a great honor for us, no matter how you felt politically to have the president of the united states on a daytime talk show with five women asking questions. yes, i do like them. jimmy carter talked about the things he accomplished while he was in office for which he was
12:24 am
not appreciated. and i think obama says -- but i've done this, i've done that, we avoided the recession. whatever you think of the health care bill, so on and so on. people say his message has not gotten through. perhaps it will. but, do i like him personally? yes, i do. >> larry: president carter said he's never seen the country so angry. >> even with george bush, people were so divided about the iraq war. but the country wasn't angry. they may have been angry at him, but it wasn't that -- i find that -- very worrisome. the kind of anger and vitriole that we're hearing. that's something that some how or another we have to find moderation. >> larry: i asked barbara about the tea party's new it girl, christine o'donnell of delaware
12:25 am
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>> larry: we're back with barbara walters. 3,000th show celebration this thursday. tina fey and surprises thursday morning. by the way, jerry seinfeld is our guest thursday night. we taped it earlier. funniest hour. >> i hear it was hilarious. >> larry: funniest hour. anyway, what do you make of o'donnell, the tea party, the whole story. >> perhaps the republican nominee -- she is the republican nominee in delaware. i don't agree with her social
12:28 am
views which i'm not going to delineate. i try to keep my political opinions to myself. so i don't agree with that. the big question, she said, you know, i played with witchcraft and so forth, but, gee, i was in high school. how far back, i think that's an unfair criticism. how far back do we go and look at someone and say, uh-huh, that's wrong today? she was on bill maher's show. i forgive her that. her views and her stand -- >> larry: they're game? >> that's something that has to do with her. >> larry: what do you make of the tea party phenomenon? >> well, pretty much what we were talking about. there's a great deal of rage. one of the things that obama said, that i was reading, if you want to cut spending, tell me what you want to cut. do you want to cut the money for veterans? do you want to cut medicare? tell me what you want to cut. don't just be mad.
12:29 am
and i think this feeling of, you know, that everything is going wrong and i'm furious, and i don't want this. they haven't said what it is that could be done positively. and i hope that will happen because there is genuine anger and there's reason for the anger. but then let's look at the solutions, instead of just screaming and yelling. that's something that i said to the women on "the view" today. stop screaming. >> larry: they scream a lot on "the view." >> they do. they're active. >> larry: are you planning a show with just men? that's a rumor. >> no, we are not planning -- the answer to your question is no, we are not planning. >> larry: couldn't work in the daytime? >> well, dick clark did it. i think it becomes a travesty because then you have men putting on panty hose and so forth. i think there may be a place, and we did it this summer, to have a mixed panel. 134 a group. >> and at the moment, we have no plans.
12:30 am
>> larry: but you wouldn't be adverse to an exec producing the show, either? >> i think we have to do a show that has a reason that has a format. this is what's been so good -- this is why we've lasted for 14 years. we really have known what we're doing. >> larry: you had lady gaga on, we had her on. >> we did almost the first interview with lady gaga. >> larry: what did you make of that? >> this was fascinating. i thought she was going to come on and put me on. i saw one interview that she was very blank. i thought, this is going to be dreadful. she came on in a stunning chanel suit. she took off her sunglasses, she said i will only do this for you. it was a very intelligent interview. i didn't know if she was doing it out of respect for me or what. or whether it was just because -- i don't know. whatever her reason. she was wonderful. and we did it on the ten most fascinating people. nobody knew who she was. we had to practically explain to
12:31 am
the audience who she was. look what has happened in two years. >> larry: she's quite a girl, though. >> she has great talent. and i like her a lot. i like everybody a lot these days. i'm becoming very boring. >> larry: you interviewed sarah palin but she won't do it anymore, right? >> no, she didn't do "view." sometimes, it's hard to have all of these women. that's why i thought the president was very brave. but i did interview her for abc news. and she's very charming and very likable. and so is her husband. >> larry: tell me what happened between michaele salahi, the white house interrupters and your show backstage? what happened? >> oh, it was crazy. she's on with the other women, and she start off spatting with each other. you were drunk, no, i wasn't. you were drunk, no, i wasn't. not all of us were doing the interview. just two of the women were doing the interview. and whoopi who occasionally walked out, walked out and touched her arm like that and said, get back to the white
12:32 am
house. because she thought, oh, enough of this conversation. when it was over, she met with the -- what's her first name? >> larry: michaele. >> she was crying. and said, whoopi hit me. whoopi never hit her. and her husband started using the flipcam. and whoopi opened her mouth and said a few choice words. >> larry: you were witnessing this. >> i wasn't there at the time. if i had been there, i would have told her to stop crying and gotten whoopi out of the room. we talked about it the next day, whoopi was very honest, she always is, we showed with an iso camera that whoopi, all she did was say, talk about the white house. and it became a big thing. and it's all there -- >> larry: why are the salahis famous? >> why are all the reality shows famous? you tell me.
12:33 am
a little bit of controversy and a little bit of trouble and hours and hours. bravo, who probably does it more than anyone else, that's their whole program. you know, the cable shows, you know, it's talk, talk, talk. and if you can find a bone to chew on, you'll chew it until there's this much of the bone. it's a different time in television. >> larry: but these people have become a hit for being a hilt. >> for being messy. seems to me all they do is drink and shop. where are we going today? where are we drinking? where are we shopping? you know, they're famous for being famous. where will they be ten years from now? they'll be rich. i didn't think they'll be on the air. >> larry: who's your surprise guest? i just threw it in. i just threw it in, just thinking about it. all right -- >> i wish it were you, darling. but it isn't. >> larry: i'll be there. >> i hope you will be.
12:34 am
i hope you'll let me do your last interview. >> larry: male or female? that's all i'm asking. >> male. you won't guess. >> larry: he wouldn't do that. >> who's going to do that? him. >> you are sly. >> larry: barbara walters is our guest. we'll be right back with barbara. one of our favorite people. don't go away. of lancaster. sure, i can download directions for you now. we got it. thank you very much! onstar ready. call home. hi, daddy! i'm on my way. send to car and...done! you have one saved destination: dillon beach. would you like those directions now? yes, i would. go north on route 1. check it out. i can like, see everything that's going on with the car. here's the gas level. i can check on the oil. i can unlock it from anywhere. i've received a signal there was a crash. some guy just cut me off. i'll get an ambulance to you right away.
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season 14, are you ready for it? >> i'm ready, but barbara is coming back today, right?
12:37 am
>> i know. >> wait, there she is now. >> hi, elisabeth, hi, whoopi. >> hey, barbara, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. >> i'm excited this is a new season, joy. everything is going to be -- you know what, if we are going to go out there and make a bang every single time. >> what are we going to do? [ laughter ] >> whoo, that was fun. just a touchup. >> larry: who came up with that bit? >> do you want me to do it now for you? >> larry: yeah. >> bill getty. >> larry: that's great. great idea. who did the twirling? >> we hired a young woman. >> larry: a gymnast? >> yeah. you know, i could stand up and sit down and so on. and then we got -- we had the matching sweat pant suit.
12:38 am
and then we got a wig and did the same look as mine. we made sure the hair was the same and the makeup was the same. >> larry: and it worked? >> it worked. that was the first day that i came back for good, the day after labor day. the new season of "the view." >> larry: your network has a major hit, "dancing with the stars." >> we showed some of them today. >> larry: how do you explain that phenomenon? >> first of all, i think everybody loves dancing. what they accomplished. bristol palin was on today and "the situation" as they call him. and what they accomplished in a couple weeks or even four or five days is wonderful. it's an exciting kind of contest. and they're not -- "dancing with the stars" is sort of dancing with the thunder stars, you know, or the wonder stars. 134 yeah, they're not a-list. >> but it's fun. and also, throughout the history of television and radio, we love
12:39 am
contests. i mean, you know, years ago, there was -- what's that thing major bowl? >> larry: amateur hour. sinatra went on that show. >> beverly sills went on there, i think, lost. we've always loved contests. this year, we're supposed to have all the losers on "the view" after they've lost. >> larry: sandra bullock was one of your interview specials that night. >> academy award night. >> larry: why does everybody love her? >> because she's adorable. we were asked, we were told, please don't ask about her children, so i didn't. one week later, out came the "people" magazine story about her little boy being adopted. >> larry: did that bug you? >> you know, i wish they'd told me. but she is delightful. she is natural. she has a great sense of humor. i love sandra bullock. >> larry: by the way, a facebook
12:40 am
question, if you could interview anybody alive who you didn't already interview, who would you choose? >> the pope, queen elizabeth. >> larry: me too. >> you always want to do the person who doesn't do interviews. probably we all want to do the pope, wouldn't we? >> larry: you did fidel? >> yes, i did. i did a major interview with fidel. >> larry: did he charm you? >> yes. and then i wanted to do another interview -- there are a couple of things wrong with him, you know. i mean, he is a dictator. and he does not allow dissent. and i'm not just saying, oh, isn't he interesting. then it took me 25 years to get the next interview. and i would love to do one now. i think it's the least he can do for me after all of those years. we keep putting our requests in. i don't know where they go, but they don't seem to go to him. >> larry: we'll be back with barbara walters. 3,000th show thursday. for up to 600 couldh
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>> larry: we're back with barbara walters. what was your most challenging interview over the years? is it possible to pick one out? >> well, what comes into my mind are the number of murderers i've done and the number of prisons i've been into. i mean, the interviews that you are proudest of, you mentioned fidel castro or anwar sadat.
12:44 am
i've interviewed every first lady and president and so on. but i think that i heard that john lennon's murderer, mark david chapman was just refused bail. so that's on my mind at the moment because i just heard it. >> larry: in prison. >> i did it in prison. at the end, he kept saying, i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry. i mean, it was very strange. the menendez brothers. >> larry: i had one of them on. >> we had both of them on after they were sentenced and eric menendez still writes to me. and said, i'm just a normal boy. >> larry: great guy. >> i said, eric, you're a normal boy who killed your mother and father. jean harris, remember, she skilled the scarsdale doctor. i did so many interviews with her, and had such empathy for her, my network said, you can't interview her any more, you're prejudiced. >> larry: it's amazing how mario
12:45 am
cuomo wouldn't pardon her. >> he would not pardon her. i saw jean, he getting out of prison. >> larry: what is she doing? is she still around? >> yeah, she had two very fine and devoted sons. and she did a lot to better the relationships with prisoners and their children. because there are no facilities for the children. there are no picture books or crayons. there was no opportunity for them to go on to high school if they needed special training or college. and she worked with one of the nuns on that. she tried very hard to live a productive life. and that was a crime of passion. >> larry: anybody that you don't want to interview? >> you and i have said, would you interview bin ladin?
12:46 am
would you give him airspace? in a moment, wouldn't you? >> larry: in a second. >> you have to put -- i'm put on the abc news hat. you have to try as much as possible to be objective. now, this is fading in news. i was brought up in the school you that don't give your opinions. do you the interview. and if you do the right kind of an interview, you will get the person to -- and the audience will know how you feel. >> larry: the audience will judge. >> let the audience judge. the audience will know how you feel. but it's almost -- i know i'll go home and say, oh, why did i say to larry, but, no, there's almost no interview that i wouldn't do. >> larry: me, too. did you have a favorite subject that you do? >> a favorite? >> larry: is there a favorite, would you rather do an actor than -- >> no, no. i think that we do such fascinating people, usually, one or two of them are actors. but they're not my favorite people to interview. i mean, that's when i stopped doing the academy awards, as
12:47 am
much as i liked them, it got to me tired of the same questions and a lot of the same answers. i mean, there are actors whom i like enormously, we have them all the time on "the view," although less celebrities than in the past. a little more political and a little more juicy, i think. they're not my favorite people. comedians are hard to interview. someone like jerry seinfeld who is so smart and discusses so many subjects, and very often ba-rum-pum. >> larry: back with barbara walters. don't go away. the fun, the fast, the solid glk. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial.
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12:50 am
>> larry: paul reiser has answered five questions. go to to see what the "mad about you" star has to say about fame, and what you might not know, he's quite a musician. barbara walters remains with us. that time of night, what's coming up on "a.c. 360." what's the lead, anderson? >> keeping them honest. first up, republican candidate and tea party star for u.s. senate, christine o'donnell. she's avoiding our questions, just minutes ago, she talked to fox news. what she said and whether those serious allegations of campaign spend ago buis even came up. you might be surprised. also tonight, our series on medical mysteries.
12:51 am
take a look, this little girl, kiley mcpeek was sick and getting sicker. no one could figure it out until her case was sent to an elite group of doctors. those stories and more at the top of the hour. >> that's ac 36010:00 eastern, 8:00 pacific. there were reports over the summer that hbo was interested in turning your memoirs in a best sell summer. >> into a documentary. >> follow you around? >> not exactly. i mean, i can't tell you, because it's down the line, and it's not -- >> they're going to do it? >> let's say we're in talks. okay? but i mean, they -- for example, they did one with ted kennedy, which is -- his story, but it's voice over. i won't be on, i don't think. and i think i --
12:52 am
>> the kennedy one was very good. >> and i think a lot of it has to do with my early years on television. that's something that i think men can relate to, but certainly women can. some of the struggles, some of the humor, and my childhood, which you knew my father. >> yes, i did. >> showbiz adversary. i think it will deal with that. it will not, i don't expect, deal with the interviews i have done. it's just in the talking. hbo is so creative and so imaginative. >> was it hard to break ground? >> well, i didn't have a choice. you see, i couldn't say, well, i could do this or i could do that. what i did was not waiving the flag and making -- i'm going to be out there for women. >> larry: you didn't kick the door open? >> i did. but i kicked the door open by my work, i hope, and not because i -- i was not, you know, a -- i
12:53 am
was not a television suffragette. i kicked the door open, after being there 11 years, i was named the first co-host of a morning program. and ever since then every woman has been named a co-host. i kicked the door open when i did certain interviews women weren't doing. i'm so proud of the women today. there's so many of them that are wonderful. that's my legacy. >> it sure it. >> and that's -- >> larry: no one makes a deal of any more. >> isn't that a kick? >> larry: we'll be book with with our remaining moments and a look back at the career of barbara walters next. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue --
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12:56 am
as we mentioned before, this is barbara's 20th and likely final appearance on "larry king live." let's take a look at some of the fun we've had through the years. >> i can remember just before the war in iraq, being in jordan trying to do an interview with king hussein, what was everyone watching? larry king. i feel like we have different programs, i watch you myself. i hope everybody switches the channel at 10:00. >> i have nothing to impart today -- >> now the grand damme -- >> why would you call me the grand damme.
12:57 am
>> we'll do it different. all right, sexpot, how do you -- >> on the network, cnn, someone came and said -- >> i would never do cnn, because there's only one larry king, and he's the best. >> is this the future, you and me on the abc/cnn channel? >> wouldn't it be nice, larry? we could finally be together? >> for real. ♪ some day when i'm awful low and the world is cold i'm going to feel a glow just thinking of you and the way you look tonight ♪ >> i love you, my friend. i wish you everything good. >> larry: we still have a few minutes left. >> i sort of like that ending. >> larry: yeah, we should have -- is there anything you haven't done that you tell yourself, i should have done or would like to do. >> i'm very big on could have, should have, would have.
12:58 am
i don't do that as much any more. no, i mean, i've got -- fortunately with my cow valve i'm in very good health. and i'm so blessed to have the life i have, i'm trying very hard just to enjoy it. >> has the surgery changed you? >> i'm not sure, but i did say, i'm not going to go to the big parties i don't want to go to. i'm not going to go to shakes speer, who i don't really like. plays of shakespeare. i'm not going to do the things i think i should, because i should show up and be seen. i'm going to do the things that give me great pleasure, like tonight. >> are you still as aggressive as ever? >> no, i think that -- no, because on the view we don't have to get the biggest get. and my special is the ten most fascinating people. it can be all kinds of people. i have a special on the open heart surgery, i have another big interview that is another
12:59 am
get coming up. >> did you do the big get already? >> no, i have not done the big get already. >> do you get more up for the big get? >> well, i want it to be -- if you're going to get a get, you better get a good get. >> get the get and get? >> yeah. and get a good show. >> are you more up for them, though? >> i -- it's not that i'm more up or not. >> larry: you always want to do a good show? >> the first week i came back on abc i was doing the view, but i did a story on children with pajori. it's a disease where children are born normal and get older and older and usually die by the time they're in their teens. it had nothing to do with show business, it was just a -- >> brad pitt did that movie. >> except brad pitt got younger and younger, these children get older and older. there's only 65 of them in the

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